Electrolytic sodium hypochlorite generator

The generator of sodium hypochlorite is a kind of equipment based on salt(NaCl) as raw material, under the action of dc electrolytic on salt water which produces sodium hypochlorite disinfection, the advantages of its performance are reflected on the chlorine-antiseptic.Now, it is widely used in families,food,medical and industrial production for disinfection.

The main process can be simplified as follows:
Solution:    2NaOH+Cl2→NaCl+NaClO+H2O

plant capacity: Tailored solutions, products of special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, to provide supporting technology solutions.

Operating process of sodium hypochlorite generator:

1). Salt will be dissolved in the tank and become saturated brine (25%);
2). Diluted into 3% after filtered ( If use sea water as raw material, it will be treated before electrolysis);
3). Electrolysis in the host machine;
4). The final product- Sodium hypochlorite liquid (6000ppm) in the storage tank;
5). The sodium hypochlorite solution will be injected into the pipe by metering pump;
6). Residual chlorine detective will monitoring the residual chlorine and return feedback to PLC center;
7). PLC center will adjust the speed of dosing pump according to the preset standard.

Siemens LCD touch screen:
All running status are shown clearly and all parameters can be adjusted directly by the touch screen.

Electrolytic Cell:
Raw material: Titanium electrode, UPVC shell
Guarantee: 3 years

Electrolysis power supply:
High-frequency, stablility and constant current power specialized for ship-leveled electrolytic power;
Protection: antiseptic, moisture-proof, dust-proof, under/over voltage alarm, short/ over current alarm, default phase and overheat alarm;
Input voltage: AC335~435V/50Hz±10%;
Output steady flow value: 10%~100% continuous adjustable;
Working temperature: (-20~50)℃;
Relative humidity: 90%(40±2℃);
Electric conversion efficiency: ≥92%;
Load regulation: ≤1% ;
Voltage regulation: ≤0.1%;
Ripple voltage: ≤1% Vout(p-p) ;
Dielectric resistance: ≥20M ;

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