2013 our company holiday arrangement
       In order to better serve customers, our company informed the holiday arrangement in 2013 as follows, we will provide better service for you in the coming year, thanks



Work date

Holiday days

New Year's Day

Jan 1st – Jan 3rd

Jan 5th(Saturday), Jan 6th(Sunday)

3 days

Spring Festival

Feb 9th - Feb15th

Feb 16th(Saturday), Feb17th(Sunday)

7 days

Tomb-Sweeping day

Apr 4th – Apr 6th

Apr 7th(Sunday)

3 days

International Labour Day

Apr 29th – May 1st

Apr 27th(Saturday), Apr 28th(Sunday)

3 days

Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 10th – Jun 12th

Jun 8th(Saturday), Jun 9th(Sunday)

3 days

Mid-Autumn festival

Sept 19th – Sept 21st

Sept 22nd(Sunday)

3 days

China National Day

Oct 1st – Oct 7th

Sept29th(Sunday), Oct12th(Saturday)

7 days

Dec . 20 2012

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